I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for Veronica. We tragically lost my husband last summer and I have been so amazed by how awesome Veronica Zuccala has been to my daughter Meghan.

Meghan needed a mentor to help her mentally and physically overcome the loss of her father. Without hesitation Veronica has gently nudged Meghan towards a healthy life and attitude.

Veronica has been such a positive role model for Meghan and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much that means to me and to my daughter.

I am a strong believer that if one encounters great people in their lives – people who excede all expectations – that they should be recognized. So here’s to Veronica Zuccala and I hope that she has a great summer.

– Susan

With the pressure from society to dictate how we view our fitness we can often find ourselves in a negative relationship with our bodies. We constantly observe others and helplessly compare what we have been given to what we see. I started my fitness journey some years ago now with a completely different mindset than I have now, one that was not in alignment with the true wonder and beauty of what my body can do. What has helped me tremendously on that journey is meeting Veronica.

Veronica is like the inner voice we all deserve to have. One that does not berate you, bring you down, or mock you but instead a voice of building confidence in yourself and pride in the strength you have. A guardian against that outside noise of how we think our fitness journey should go.

I have been doing personal training with Veronica for a few years and recommend her to any and every person I meet. She is friendly, supportive, and kind at every interaction. She is the most approachable person I know and treats you as a friend from your first interaction. She makes sessions fun and we oftentimes are caught needing breaks between sets for laughter. She does not judge what your goals are or what area you would like to grow in. She listens, blends it with the extensive knowledge she has and intuition, and simply helps you grow. She softly guides you to meet goals and limits that are right for you. She is very patient and lets you have bad days; she meets those with understanding that outside of the program you have with her your life is going on.

She is knowledgeable and doesn’t use any flashy, quick tactics to meet your goals. She instead knows the importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul and centers her programs along that philosophy. She does not push you ever in ways that would make you truly uncomfortable but instead in ways that she knows you can handle. Ways that slowly unlock your confidence and show you the true ability of your body. She is genuine in wanting the best for her clients and I feel lucky to have met Veronica when I did and to have her on my team.

– Aga

Veronica is an excellent trainer. She uses equal parts cheer, good humor and encouragement to help motivate the best out of her clients. Her particular style definitely leads to a strong desire for not only commitment to the work but personnel improvement in fitness. She offers an excellent balance of encouragement and constructive feedback which took me from a client who feared deadlifts due to the potential to back injury to it being one of my favorite movements. Thanks to the quality of her coaching in both theory behind the movement and practical execution I was able to achieve goals I had never thought in the realm of possibility.

Veronica’s workout programming style is also highly refreshing, “total muscular confusion” as she called it meant a highly varied set of workouts but always focused on helping and improving core movements through different targeted exercises. Novel additions of resistance bands to simple movements to encourage good stability is probably a major reason I was able to lift more confidently at higher weights due to my confidence in my body’s stability and adaptability as a result of her programming.


Veronica Zuccala was my personal trainer 3X/wk, 1 hr/session, at GoodLife Fitness Centre from summer of 2018 – summer of 2020.

Ms Zuccala exhibited the utmost professionalism and kept meticulous records of my physical condition and advancement throughout her programs. She prepared programs in accordance with my age, abilities and requirements that were well-matched that allowed me to maintain my conditioning throughout her tutelage.

During my training program, Ms Zuccala was patient and listened to any concerns that I had about an activity that I thought was beyond my abilities, but encouraged me to attempt new challenges that she thought that I could accomplish. I heartily recommend Ms Zuccala as a trainer who will consider the client’s needs and requirements.


I meet Veronica about 2 years ago when I asked her some questions at my local gym. I’m lucky I did because she has been my trainer since. She is professional and passionate about her work, and an expert in what she does. As for myself, she has made me not only healthier but more confident. My experiences with her has changed me for the better, not just physically but by making smarter choices. She is a kind and happy person and always greets you with a smile. She is tough and fair but has one fault. She is a Buffalo Bills fan (how about them Cowboys!!!). I guess no one is perfect.


I’ve been working with Veronica for about three years. Over that time, we have been through injuries, emotional trauma, job loss, and a global pandemic and Veronica has continued to make working out together interesting and compelling. Veronica has never stopped learning about her profession and is continually mixing up my program as a result. I’m pretty sure we’ve never done the same workout twice in probably 200 sessions! I’ve recommended Veronica to lots of friends and she worked absolute miracles with my 70+ dad and his achy joints. I recommend Veronica to anyone who’s interested in improving their functional fitness.


Working with Veronica has given me confidence and knowledge about proper form for my workout. She has customized my regime to meet my unique lifestyle. Veronica’s fun, non-intimidating approach to training makes it accessible for every goal and authentic need. I love working with Veronica!


Veronica is Excellent! She really knows her stuff. Having a number of medical issues resulting in major weight gain which in turn spiraled into hip, feet, back and knee issues, she took it slow with me using personal training techniques and strategies. She got me exercising out of knee braces; she got me stronger; she got me to lose weight and fit into my old clothes and she got me back to the gym! She is just joyful to work with and we have a lot of fun together. Yet, she works me hard where she is firm but so positive. She has changed my life and I thank her very much for that.


Working out with Veronica is a highlight of my week. Her spirit and determination never cease to amaze and inspire me, and she is extremely professional, patient, enthusiastic, motivating, knowledgeable and passionate about all things fitness. Not only does she help me by encouraging me to be healthier and stronger than I have been in many years – she is also making me more confident. In my time with her so far she has not only helped me to become more physically fit, but also to change my lifestyle and attitude towards living a healthier life.

She is always happy, kind and supportive, with a smile on her face that helps make even the toughest workout more fun. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive, while she continuously learns and builds on her skills by participating in new courses and workshops. She is always learning something new – which is another way in which she inspires her clients. Veronica is completely in tune with my individual fitness goals, pushing me to meet them while supporting and coaching me in a positive way when I don’t quite meet the next target in the timeframe I should. She is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same – even when you are doing the same movements!